Adam Drue King

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Adam Drue King is a broadband network architect in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s currently the lead network architect for a $20-30 million county-wide deployment of broadband for up to 750,000 users in a southern state. The network is a wireless point to point or point to multipoint system with expected download speeds of 100 megabytes (Mbps) to a terabyte per second. The budget, geographic footprint, and design challenge in this project are strikingly similar to the digital access challenge facing Cuyahoga County. This pilot is operational and the full network is in the engineering phase of development which is expected to begin deployment in 2021. 

King worked for three years as Director of Neighborhood Partnerships and Equity at DigitalC, where he helped design internet solutions for the approximately 54,000 unconnected households (about 110,000 people) in Cleveland. His work involved determining optimization: identifying what buildings provide the best vertical access to broadcast. Relationship building with organizations and individuals was also an integral part of King’s work at DigitalC.


King has experience establishing wireless solutions in close to fifty additional locations nation-wide. He has wired open and closed networks in over a dozen commercial spaces since 2013. King’s commercial portfolio includes architecting and implementing an ultra-fast (1 terabyte or faster download speeds) wireless mesh solution covering a 6-acre corporate campus with over 1,000 on-site staff. He’s also architected and implemented a wireless system over several floors at a large Cleveland church. King holds technical certificates in software development from Microsoft and Google and has spoken at national conferences on the topics of technology and digital equity.

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