The following is a list of statements, crafted from thousands of hours of conversation and collaboration, about things that “you” have expressed as part of a Digital Bill of Rights. The first section is a list of statements about the digital justice all residents of Northeast Ohio should experience. The second section is a list of statements that ConnectedNEO stands on as we deploy a community-owned broadband network. We are also currently working on a larger list of statements for the telecom industry that will be based on three principles: Equitable Pricing, Accountability in Governance, and Transparency in Coverage and Performance.

Please provide any and all feedback you have to each of the statements, the sections, or the document as a whole. As stated, this is a collaborative effort that requires your input to be thorough and accurate. All comments can be sent to Thank you.

Digital Bill of Rights

Principles Agreed Upon through thousands of hours of conversation.
1- "Every Northeast Ohio resident must have access to universal high-speed internet of at least 50 megabits per second (Mbps) (aka broadband) where they live, work or play." 
2- "The cost to access this broadband service must be based on a person’s ability to pay. Residents who qualify must receive access as a free public service." 
3- "Each person accessing this service must have the right to control their digital identity, including, but not limited to, how their network usage and advertising data is used." 
4- "Households must have the option to block adult content available in their home based on their preferences (e.g., personal, religious, youth in the home)."

5- “Small businesses and community organizations must have access to this broadband service as long as they are not involved in security, critical care health or other restricted industries.”.

6- "ConnectedNEO is committed to amplifying residents’ voices, as expressed through their ownership and voting power, is foundational and paramount to its success and will ensure these values are represented in the business practices, structure and cooperative by-laws."

7- "ConnectedNEO will prioritize hiring staff and management to equitably represent the communities they serve demographically."

8- "ConnectedNEO will operate as a cooperative enterprise, jointly owned between residents and workers, provided there is resident support for this method." 

9- "Connected NEO will install an open, permanent, future-proof high-speed broadband network to serve all residents, both in homes or outside, beginning with Cleveland and East Cleveland, in less than one year from the date of funding, with the ability to  scale to cover Cuyahoga County and across NEO." 

10- "The cost for this service will be on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. Residents who qualify should receive this service for free."

11- "All residents will have access to a minimum of 50+Mbps download speed, the current definition of high-speed broadband service."
12- We believe that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the region should have Equitable Pricing.
13- We believe that all ISPs in the region should prioritize accountable governance within their business that benefits the consumer.

14- We believe that all ISPs in the region should have transparency in the performance of their networks.