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How we Work

ConnectedNEO is a registered non-profit entity. However, in our drive for digital and economic justice, we operate with cooperative tenets. 

Within the lean ConnectedNEO organization, we use sociocratic principles. Sociocracy is a system of governance that seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive organizations. It draws on the use of consent, rather than majority voting, in discussion and decision-making by people who have a shared goal or work process.[1][2]

Our Teams:

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Community Engagement & Marketing

Our Structure:

ConnectedNEO, as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), operates as an independent organization. We create independent networks in each neighborhood we operate within. Those Neighborhood Networks are both broadband and human networks. We encourage, and fully support, residents of each Neighborhood Networks to build the infrastructure best suited for them to ensure ConnectedNEO provides the best quality service. Each Neighborhood Network has representatives on the ConnectedNEO Council, which acts as the Board of Directors; collectively helping make any major decisions for ConnectedNEO and it’s members.